“By way of background, I’ve been involved, both as a buyer and a seller, in many real estate transactions, both residential and commercial, over many years, so I’ve had occasion to work with a number of brokers.  Prior to selecting Ezra to handle the 2017 sale for me in Newton, I also first obtained recommendations in that area and then interviewed several highly regarded brokers from different agencies.  

“During the selection process, Ezra impressed me as being far and away the most creative and personable individual with whom I met.  He was the only one who came up with an alternative and value-enhancing sales and marketing approach beyond just putting the home immediately on the market ‘as is.’   Once selected, his style was incredibly hands-on and diligent; he was quick to make course corrections as might be helpful; he timed and carried off very successful open houses; he was smart and helpful during the bidding and negotiation process and I am convinced that the result was a very fast sale that added a great deal of value to the rather uncreative approach proposed by the other brokers.  He was also accessible and easy to communicate with throughout the process. 

‘If there were any negatives to dealing with Ezra I would tell you.  There weren’t.  He was absolutely first rate.” 

-- Peter J., April 2018